Great apologetics website. Apologetics comes from the Greek word meaning "to defend." This has great debates, helps, and information to help believers defend their faith. See 1 Peter 3:15.
4 Truth is an Interfaith Evangelism and Apologetics website that focuses on the religious and philosophical views of people groups in North America, providing practical information for engaging in intelligent discussions of faith and worldviews.
Free Bible Software. Many good features and a lot of free Bibles, commentaries, dictionaries, maps and more. Give it a try.
Dr. Utley is a retired professor of Hermeneutics and his site is a non-profit Bible study ministry dedicated to empowering people to interpret the Bible for themselves. His verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and printed commentaries are committed to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, emphasizing the intent of the original inspired authors by means of their: 1. Historical Setting, 2. Literary Context, 3. Grammatical Features, 4. Choice of Words, 5. Genre, 6. Parallel Passages.
This site gives candid reviews and information concerning movies, dvds, games and more. Very helpful for parents in helping to make informed choices concerning the viewing habits of their children.
  December 2017  
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